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Maxshield Warranty Policy

Here at MaxShield, we stand by our products and value our customers. Our products are proudly made under the highest standards of quality and workmanship. That's why all MaxShield products are backed by lifetime replacement warranty. We will make every effort to provide the best solution and ensure that our customers are happy. 

Know before you request for a replacement:

1. The replacement itself is free but there will be a shipping and handling fee for each replacement. 

2. We are only able to send you what you originally purchased. For example, if you purchased (1) Galaxy S7 edge Screen Protector, then we are only able to send you (1) of the same product at a time. 

Aqua Shield Products

Aqua Shield Screen Protectors are warranted to be free from physical defects in materials and workmanship. We will replace the product for you, whether it's defective, scratched, or accidentally damaged. Even if you make a mistake during installation, we will help you get it right. Choose from the following that applies to your order:

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